Sabtu, 27 Ogos 2011

Dah NaK RayE ni Oiii~ :)

salam sume!! wooh kejap je da masok 27 hari umat islam berpuase, hari selase da nak raye.. wow!! paling best cik eldy tengok sume dah mood raye dah.. kat fb da penoh ucapan2 raye.. ramai gak yang dah balek kampung. uwaaa.. cik eldy maybe beraye di KL je sebab the whole family pon kat sini include nenek cik el. just makcik cik el ngan sepupu je kat perak, and maybe their coming here...

so hows the preparation? bape pasang baju anda? ape kaler nye? whats the style? ('-')
my preparation was not much. solo rider taun ni, so no need berpasang2. taun lepas, purple, last 2 years pon same. last year sepasang ngan cik adam tapi baju tu sangat la besa. -.-"  malas da pakai baju tu.! taun ni, my other favret color black! same gak, agak besa skit tp kire oke la. ni tengah berusehe dapatkan kebaye yang TAK besar like always.. tp tak tau la. mcm takde je. nak warne brown!! semalam spatutnye da pegi da. tp dorang kate sesak giler. sape tau butik baju yg cantik2 specially kebaye?  tell me!!!!  

some of friends da balek kampung, yang otw atau baru nak balek, drive safely, ingat lah orang yang tersayang! wa sayang lu jugak! 

taun ni raye laen sikit, i dont know why.. macam seblom2 ni, i never care abt everything, tp taun ni emosenel lebeh la. apesal tah!! nggee~ nak itu, nak ini, bile takde or da habes ke ape hangen satu badan. LOL. it happen..hanya yang berkenaan je tau ni.. diam2 sudeyhhh!! hahahha!! 

so, the other side of hari raya.. sume sebok shopping, bla3, jalan kl jem giler, tengah malam pon sesak lagi, and fact! yang cik eldy bace kat surat khabar, hampir 2 ribu saman sudah dikeluarkan , 300 biji kerete telah disita untuk pesalah parking sahaje!! wooott??! lols. tu dalam 2 hari je tau! duh. seronok la pakcik saman menyaman.. tapi salah penggune gak, parking just tepi2 jalan utama Tunku Abdul Rahman tu agak meyusahkan pengguna yang laen gak. tu yg wat jem giler sawan tu.! mane boleh macam tu, dah ade parking yg disediakan, pegi la park kat situ.. takkan taknak rugi rm10, rela kene bayar rm300 kan??! so, renung renung kan lah~ lagi pon nak kurang kan sesak ni bukan payah pon. KL ni banyak kot kenderaan awam.. taxi, LRT, monorail, komuter dan bas.. ha, muat punye nak masok barang shopping korang tu.. renung renugkan lah lagi sekali. :)

so, memandang kan puase yang tinggal bape hari je lagi ni... mari lah menikmati hari2 terakhir ramadhan dengan orang yang tersayang. ~ cik eldy plak taun ni tak pon harung ramadhan ni ngan orang tersayang.. but life must go on!! chayyok2!! :D

Isnin, 22 Ogos 2011

RaiNBOW DoNt Go...

it seems my life feel like rainbow now.
full of colors and laughter,
feels like living forever..
since you knocking my life here..

i dont know when,
but this naturally came,
we didnt took much time to fit in..
just awhile, everything seems nicely flowing.
when me and you together,
we made others lough louder,
people around doesnt be any matter,
the time pass by with no fear..

nobody had planned on this,
even me never had it on my idea list..
but everytime were together,
i felt like its always enough,nothing more could be this happier

even in lough, then comes my tears..
everything turns dark, i live in fear..
when everybody leaves, only you come near....
i remember the day i cry, u always have the stupid joke to wipes my tears..
i remember when i felt i wanna die, u'll stand beside me n say
"safe the life, tell me who did this, we going to kick his ass until he made a suicide.."
whenever i fall, you always catch my back..
whenever i have no guts, u never failed to give the spirit i never had...

we had a fight, i love it so much,
cuz when were fight, you're always at loosing side.
mostly it start about car i like, or the engine used inside. :)
always winning over you is my faveret2 part..
it never turn so big, instead it become a laughing together hell loud. 

you never realize, neither do i..
until the moment .. you somehow ask..
i try to find the answer right and wise
with the most big strange feeling inside..

then  i think i had it, but i couldnt say it out.
i dont know what .. sudden being so hard..
till you tell me, "so then, it might be love had fill your heart"..
i was stiff , like loosing the pulse, thinking "why on earth i felt what he'd say was so right?!"

i took time to think deep and high..
until..comes the moment, i realize..
what would it become if you're not around..
i cant go trough even a day without you, its sure a great pain!

silently to god ..i pray...
please lord make everything about us stay..
take anything else, just dont take him away..
cuz i just .. maybe.. i just dont know how to live without him.. even just one day..
secretly sealed, sure nobody hears me pray...

i loose my mind figure out this case,
making me first time speechless,
not even one word i can said..
is it true the love between us is more then a friend?? -.-
err..if its right.. damn!! why this annoying jim carrey wannabe needs to be the man?!! :)
owhhh.. my world so in vain if you are my boyfriend!! ^.^

yeah, cant be serious when this all blurr,
ill make fun of you to make it cover..
the only wish i want really bad now to be granted,
is i can immediately gone awhile n disappeard..
i hate this when im stuck on things that i failed to figure..
then your voice heard saying something so clear...
"now or later, untill when you wanna run over?"..
"stop here, throw away all ur ego's , concrite blocks, and those hard wall in ur heart.. and come over.."
such a magic word you said, had vanish all the boundaries i have made..

weird.. im a person who not easy to giving in..
but this time.. i not even take more minute to think..
seem ive met my perfect cling~

this the first time i felt... i loose damn bad!!
but this is the greatest field ive ever step..
and loosing to you, not even a regret..
cuz its a perfect love you did put as a bet..
the worth ive ever seen much you fight for it..
this perfect love had winning my so bless..
and ill know every second comes next.. will be so perfect..

mr. annoying jim carrey wannabe...
only we know..not even once comes to mind,
we felled in love gonna be the end..
we never thought that this is what god has planned.
and you should know ..
you are now accidentally had become part of my life.. :P
if i ask u to come,thats mean i want you to be in front even theres alot of fun,
even i got a thousand fans,
even i got a billion friends,
you the one i need the most, nothing can replace this one thing..
nothing can ever replace the meaning presence of you.. till my times end...

i couldnt imagine how my life would be without you.
nobody can talk to me right like you do,
nobody can wipes my tears with stupid jokes like u did..
nobody can gimme the air when im loosing my breath..
nobody can do it.. like you did..

just saying, if one day..
if one day ure leaving.. u gonna leave me live dying..
this is my greatest fear, swear i cant even afford to imagine..
dont stop loving me, cuz when u stop u made my soul become nothing..
cuz ur love is the thing..that keeps my heart beating..

Ahad, 21 Ogos 2011

Misz eLdy firSt LivEScrEeNing CHELSEA vs West BROM with MBA!!

woott wooottt!! haha. finally, after not least then 1 week join MBA, cik eldy dah siap pegi livescreening lagi.!!!
wahaha. cite je poyo ni, padahal, jenuh gak en kne pujuk, baru ade kondifen sket nak pegi. haiyahh. few hours b4 kick start, time sume ngah semangat2 nak pegi,cik el da decide tanak pegi dah. sal membe cik el bleh plak tanak teman. dush2. dahh musnah sume semangat. awak da la fez timer, boleh plak membe tanak teman. jemm!!  yg sebnar nye nak g join hari ni sal ramai plak kat page tu kate dioarang pon fez time nak juin arini. so, mcm okeh je kan ade geng baru2. then suddenly dalam kecoh nak pegi tanak pegi ni, one of MBA team ajak pegi skali. Mr.Azwan! die plak first time nak tengok kat HAMS Bridge. atas batuan Mr. Zaki, yg bagi direction gedebak gedebuk (yg langsung tak dipakai.haha) , sampei la kitorang kat HAMS. (dalam hati: padan la kadang2 tengok kete parking melampau2 byk kat sni. rupenye~ ade askar port tgk bola :D)  kehadiran agak segan2 sebab tapake jersey :( 
sampai jek, looking 4 ladies figure for me to get started nak hilangkan segan nii. found 3 women at back row salam2 and dudukk seblah! them both so friendly.!! its tomey and linda.. (edited- about a months after today i finally know that back row im sitting at that night is actually kind of our rival forget that few ladies are gonna be my friends,nope. didnt happen)

the whole match time, was sooooo funnnn!! not to say geng2 yg setia selalu dengan cik el tengok bola seblom ni tak best, korang best sebab kite lain2 team, tapi yg ni best sebab sumeeee satu teamm!! klo nak layan jiwe excited cik eldy ni kang abes jadi novel plak entry ni. so, this is some photos of the nite! CHELSEA TILL I DIE. <3 

Anelka '53           S.Long '4
 Malouda '83                                  

quite a worried moment for Chelsea fans when Chelsea had to play without Cech due to injury problem.. And the boss has put Hillario as replace.. while hoping he will not do any mistakes in any way, West Brom taking their chance by scoring the first goal pade minit ke 4. Chelsea agak nampak lemah bile asek terlepas bola..quite a tense for fans but maybe diorang maseh mencari rentak dan keserasian ngan ahli baru. mostly, midfield banyak bergantung kat Lampard, while Malouda is helping on a left flank. sementare Essien plak tgh injured tambah susah hati AVB, we have to thanks to Obi Mikel who keep doing his best trying to fill the central midfield gap and attacking from the center. 
first half finished with Chelsea null WB 1. Chelsea quickly recover from mistake whens enter the second half. attack by attack has been made and finaly Anelka meruntuh kan dinding WB.. time ticking, and nobody was hoping for draw. then at the end of the game Malouda had score the 2nd goal!! yey!
sebnarnye ikotkan Chelsea boleh score lebih kot sebab banyak sgt bola yg miss dlm keadaan sengal2. possession bola ok, tapi dah ending2, kelaut. maybe jam ngan defend WB yg ramai sangat kot. :D SO, 3 POINTS FOR BLUES! WELL DONE!  sekian bebel cik eldy :D 
 Early game till first half.
CHELSEA second GOAL!!!!


Khamis, 18 Ogos 2011

Fakta Menarik Tentang Pemain Bola Sepak Antarabangsa :D

1. Pemain paling banyak meludah di padang: Florent Malouda - France

2. Pemain paling suka makan lepat: Frank Lampard - England

3. Pemain yang menguruskan 3 post office: Helder Postiga - Portugal

4. Pengurus pasukan yang suka berlari: Luis Philipe Scolari - portugal

5. Pemain yang bermain bola sepak dan ping-pong: Razak Pimpong - France 

6. Pemain bola sepak juga kawan baik kepada Batman: Robin Ho - Brazil

7. Pemain bola sepak yang juga macam Batman: Mathias Kezman - Serbia

8. Pemain yang tak pernah miss bayar bil: Adabayour - Togo

9. Pemain yang main bola sepak dan biola: Saviola - Argentina

10. Pemain bola sepak yang paling manis: Maniche - Portugal

11. Pemain yang selalu terluka di padang: Luca Toni - Italy

12. Pemain yang ada buka kedai bekam: David Beckham - England

13. Pemain yang suka layan gig:  Ryan giggs - England

14. Pemain yang membela ikan puyu dan toyol: Carles Puyol - Sepanyol

haha!! thanks to MR RANGGA MUFFIN for this entry!! :D

OkE ke taK oKE nih???

heyp. haa. how the new looks of my blog?? i love the previous template, but no other way i can do to make it works normal again. :( yeah, everything works with this template but i know it look a bit dull. i love purple definitely!! but i couldnt find  more merrier purple then this. wuuuw :'(
 its look dull but the most im worried is the font!! im ma self cannot read some of post! haiyahhh.. boleh ke korang bace?? ade yg da kne tuka font colour, tp default colour die pon sangat frustrating! button share ngan like pon dah dibuat secare manual. tp like nye pulak jadi kat bawah. so, even kat bawah jgn lupe like oke. :) tu lah.. cik eldy ni bukan a good html user. penat ngadap tutorial nak buat satu bende pon. huee.. wanna create my self a template, im not that creative pulak. da pakai ready made banyak comment nyew pulak. haih. well2, cammane nih?? 
i hope you guys can give me opinion about this. stay at this template, or change. :D or if anything missing bagitau okeyh. 

im glad readers like my poems post! some i made it myself mase boring2 dulu. if got an idea i will post it more. :)  with love!! paito!

Selasa, 16 Ogos 2011

TireD nOw...

tired now.
guess i had enough.
seems like lot more to be done
to let go everything
until the last last one..

i may be glad to had you once.
but nothing better then seeing you gone.
you are once my biggest thing in life,
but to set loose now and stop cry is the better price.

being together with you is too good to be true,
sudden i realize, everything is so better without you..

i love you, yes i do.
you love me, yes i did hear from you.
i heard they'll do anything to death just to make it true,
and FAILED TO FIGHT FOR THIS LOVE, its a shame on you.

swear to god,
this my hardest things to do.
to pretend strong and okay without you
if only you know how big cut u've been gave,
im sure you cant afford to feel and face..

if you wanna leave,
i ask you to stay leave..
dont ever look back to whatever memories..
and dont think im gonna cry till my last last breath..

dont remember when i wrote this :D
hahh.. and, i my self dont know whats wrong with this template cuz the reader cannot comment on it.
i did try to fixs it but till now cannot find out whats the problem. :'(
thanks for your concern and the email you guys send. ill fix it soon!

Ahad, 14 Ogos 2011


Forget his name, forget his face
Forget his kiss and his warm embrace
Forget the love that once came true
Remember now there's someone new,

Forget the love that you once shared
Forget the face that had once cared
Forget the time you spent together
Remember now he's gone forever,

Forget you cried the whole night through
Forget him when they play your song
Forget how close you two once were
Remember now he's chosen her,

Forget you memorized his walk
Forget the way he used to talk
Forget the times he was mad
Remember he's happy instead of sad,

Forget his teasing, gentle ways
Forget you saw him everyday
Forget he made your dreams come true
Remember now she loves him too,

Forget the thrill when he walked by
Forget him when he made you cry
Forget the way he spoke your name
Remember now he's not the same anymore,

Forget the way he said he loved you
Forget the way he kissed and hugged you
Forget all those nights when he held you tight
Remember now he holds her tonight,

Forget all those sunny days
Forget all those poems he made
Forget those times through good and bad
Remember he said he'd never make you sad,

Forget the games he played with you
Forget the times he stayed with you
Forget those cold, cold nights
Remember now he keeps her warm tonight,

Forget the way he looked at you
Forget you kissed the whole night through
Forget all your dreams came true
REMEMBER, that he doesn't love you.

Jumaat, 12 Ogos 2011

BigGEst MiStaKE.....

i thought it was perfect,
i thought we beat the best.
then sudden everything turn dark
and i thought theres just rain testing our heart..

but by the time i open my eyes..
i realize we lost everything we have..
in just a blink of an eye,
my life has be taken apart..

i thought that i was wrong for this time.
but you tell me i was wrong all the way around.
its a mistake to think nothing will gone.
i should not felt we are perfect all along..

and now when everything has gone
i left alone on the ground..
crying weak with a deep pain and drown
just figured what has been wrong
just knowing actually nothing more could be done now..

im sorry for seeing us as perfect.
im sorry cuz never saw the 'fake'.
forgive me for putting the trust front and back.
why i never realize there's nothing has been made.
after i gave my life to you...for nothing at stake..

i see you walking straight.
with no cut or pain.
never look back again.
now i realize..
letting you into my life is my biggest mistake..

23 march 2011, eldy

Khamis, 11 Ogos 2011

SEcOnD ChaNCE....

mistakes happen.
in what ever way around.
everyone will do it.
mostly had already done.
only one thing we wish on that time,
for there to have a "second chance"

not everyone will have it.
while thats the only we need.
nor to people never wish it,
doing mistake just for learn and pleased.

regret or glad.
its an option to made.
glad to learn from mistake they made,
if regret dont you ever repeat it back.

second chance is a miracle to have.
once you have it, dont let it fly and left.
make it right to replace the bad.
and realize you could done it to mostly perfect....

27 march 2001, eldy

Selasa, 2 Ogos 2011

TOP 10 BazaaR RaMaDhaN In KLanG Valley!

ahah! in second day fasting, im about to give you a tips on top 10 bazaar ramadhan around kuala lumpur!! i know this is the time we've all been looking forward to for some mouth watering food to sample and indulge in, especially Malay cuisine. Muslims will have the option either to break their fast in hotels, restaurants or at home. And thanks to Ramadan Bazaars, dining at home need not require you to break a sweat! haha. sometimes aku tau, even nak pegi buke kat lua pon, bofore that mesti singgah dulu bazaar ramadhan mane2 kan. except hotel la. cannot bring outside food one aa. haha. i know got some of you like to go and teroka satu2 bazaar yg best kat kl ni kan?? so here is the tip! i got the top ten from  701 panduan , and the rest is from my self yg aku penah pegi. :D

1. Taman Melawati , Kuala Lumpur
2. Kampung Baru , Kuala Lumpur 
3. Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman , Kuala Lumpur    
4. Jalan Telawi , Bangsar
5. Shah Alam Stadium , sec 13 Shah Alam
6. Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)
7. Section 16 , Bangi
8. Pantai Dalam , near Universiti LRT station
9. Kelana Jaya , Petaling Jaya
10. SS18, Subang Jaya

the rest lagi yang BEST2~

11. Bandar Baru Sentul, Sentul
12. Taman Dato Senu , Sentul
13. Tapak Uptown Danau Kota , Setapak
14. Persiaran Setiawangsa                    
15. Wangsa Maju sec 1 (dekat Jj)
16. Taman Datok Keramat
17. Bukit Indah , Ampang
18. Pandan Indah (tepi balai polis) , Ampang
19. Pinggiran Batu Cave , Gombak
20. Taman Melati , Setapak (tapak pasar malam)
21. Tapak Downtown , Cheras

So, this is it! for me, nak pegi kalau suke cari tempat yang senang nak parking. kawasan2 ni mmg agak byk parking, kecuali yang teramat sesak takde ampun pnye mcm Kampung Baru ngan Jalan Tar tu. memang carik parking je agak semput ye pusing2. haha. jangan bukak puase dlam kerete sudah la. aku seblom ni banyak kali gak bukak puasa atas jalan. haha. adat la tu KL. so, sekian entry kali ni. hope you guys have a good day of ramadhan.. amin!

amacam first day puase??!

salam! hye2. so hows the first day fasting?! hope just fine and everybody finish it great. hari ni first day, so excitement nak pegi bazaar tu memang nampak ketara kat kawasan sentul ni. haha. well, bazaar yg popular kat sentul ni, bazaar bandar baru yg dah ditukar kawasan sejak last year and bazaar taman dato senu. ramai kawan cik eldy berniaga kat sane. well2, cik el ni seorang yg sangat boros. so, everytime pegi bazaar mmg tak hengat punye. tapi selalu ade adeq cik el yg salu potong stim nak membeli. mesti die bg ayat menusuk jiwa yang tibe2 datang kesedaran. hampehh!! haha. boleh tahan budak nehh! 

hari ni berbuka ngan my daddy and my bro. rase2 abah bace la update semalam, tros die balek buke kat umah. siap beli barang tok masak lagi. haha. juadah hari ni biase2 je. tp nak tules rase panjang lak. haha. kantoi. :D

about 10, abah g amek mummy bawak balek lak durien.. haha. what a late desert. lol. and after kekah the durien, cik el kuar sebentar bersame kawan cik el yg poyo tu g pusing2 town. dari haritu kitorang nak g makan pak li kopitiam tak kesampaian sebab ego yg melampau nak menang kan johnny's die tu, so baru hari ni la jejak pak li. sayangnye asam laksa die da tak sesedap dulu! :(  mesti geng2 asam laksa cik el da frust. haiyah. after makan, straight back home, seblom tu lalu dataran tok membuktikan harge civic type R bukan lah 130k. kalah lagi cik el. so, the price i need to pay is, shoot kat muke bertubi2. hampeh pnye membe. ko tunggu time ko kalah plak. haha. done this and that, im home. bedal durien lagi, dan update blog! haha.

puase ade lagi 29 hari. nanti kite jumpe lagi. :D

Isnin, 1 Ogos 2011

Selamat Datang RAMADHAN!!

salam readers! well2, today is first august, alhamulillah datang bersama bulan Ramadhan. alhamdullilah sempat cik eldy bertemu bulan ramadhan lagi sekali. harap2, dapat menjalankan ibadah puasa dengan sempurna. amin2. kejap je rase dah setahun.. ramadhan tahun lepas, still segar diingatan, dipertengahan ramadhan cik el ngan kawan2 terlibat dalam kemalangan.. kalau yg takde fb cik el mesti tak tau pasal ni. tapi syukur sangat2 4 of us selamat without any major injuries.. haha. cik el bg la sikit pic, mengimbau tragedi tu. 

 ahah, 4 tayar atas.. syukur takde yg teruk. cik el kene jemput ngan ambulan dr hospital ampang. mase sedar dr pengsan tu mmg takot giler.. kaki seblah takleh gerak. kepale terlalu sakit mungkin sebab goncangan dan hentakan kuat kat cermin kerete. tapi, lepas xtray kepale, takde ape2 yg teruk. tapi, maseh kne letak kat observation ward tuk pemerhatian selame 6 jam.position cik el, seblah pemandu. semua yg terlibat kawan2 baek cik el. kitorang baru balek sahur kat foodcourt sri nilam.. siap time tu nasik yg kitorang tapaw bersepah. kawan yg terlibat, kakak and adek (kembar) and sorang lagi fenny.. it happen on 18 august 2010..

puase tahun ni, tak macam taun lepas la.. confirm!! sebab kakak and adeq dah takde kat kl.. so da tak boleh sahor and buke same2. :( tp puase taun ni diserikan dgn kehadiran adam daniel!! my baby boy!! raye ni habes la die pnye baju raye byk sponsor. haha. even takde still ade bestfren2 cik el yg laen. besides my family..

sekarang sebnarnye cik el tgh tunggu waktu sahur.. haha. sambil tgk movie and online. hah!! tadi, mase dalam kete harung jem kat kl yg teramat sgt sekitar bukit bintang dan tunku abdul rahman, cik el melayan radio. kerenah2 rakyat malaysia nak sambut puase. semalam mase kawan cik el kate org da kuar bli barang raye, cik el kate "mengarut lah! puase pon belom kot!!" dan hari ni.. baru cik el tau.. ade caller sebuah stesen radio ni kate, mak die dah siap beli kueh raye!! rumah dah siap renovate bla3..loll!! wth?? hadoii.. tolong la.. padan la sesak kl klo belom pape dah sebok sesak2 cari barang raye. tolongggg lahh.. ape yg pentig sangat?? jalan kan la ibadah puase tu dulu.. ni yg wajib belom lagi, dah sebok2 nak raye. duhh.. lagi pon, raye pon untuk menyambut kemenangan dan memanjat syukur sebab da settle sebulan puase.. ni yg beli awal2, pastu sebulan tu hari2 g cari barang raye untuk ape?? nak setting raye tu jadi raye ala2 raje???! adoi.. mmg la nak panggil orang dtg motif disitu untuk erat kan silaturrahim! bukan menunjuk2 baju raye aku grand, kueh raye aku tak cukup meje nak letak, langsir aku mcm langsir rumah siti nurhaliza, rumah aku baru renovate bagai2.. salah niat dah tu.. cukup la sekadar ala kadar.. berlebih2 pon tak elok jugak. yela, kalo setakat da siap tempah baju raye tu boleh la.. sebab mmg kene awal sebab nnt tak sempat siap pulak,. boleh je diterima. tp care caller td tu dah macam esok luse nak raye dah. haih.. 

bile datang je bulan puase, cik el suke bile dapat buke ramai2, sahur ramai2.. best nye rase.. tp cam biase tiap tahun, buke yg pertame, cik el akan buke kat umah even mesti akan berbuke sorang atau just berdue ngan adeq cik el.. tak kesah la sorang, tapi kat umah. tu yg penting. tak tau nape. dr dulu macam tu. haaa. lepas tu nak buke luar ke ape ke, tade hal... so, da panjang bebel2 ni, cik el pon nak g tolong mummy masak. haha. sahur time!! last but not least, SELAMAT MENYAMBUT BULAN RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAK DAN SELAMAT MENJALANKAN IBADAH PUASA TO ALL FRIEND AND FAMILY!!!
 p/s: wahh.. cik el tules sume dalam bahase melayu!! yey!