Ahad, 31 Julai 2011

Chelsea vs Malaysia friendly match on Chelsea Asia Tour. :D

salam2!! duhh.. due to biziness all this week, causes this late update. sowrryy!! 
so, the highlight , yes, chelsea beat malaysia 1 - 0 in 90 minutes. not that much goal, but still thanks to them coz once again come to malaysia. this is a friendly match. not a big deal to  me :) i watch the first 45 minutes , with no goal. then i had to leave cuz duty call. haha. so i got the result report from my brother and friend right after drogba made that goal. woahh. satisfied! 

result : malaysia 0 - 1 chelsea (drogba '80)
venue : national stadium Bukit Jalil, Malaysia.
attendance : 84, 100 people

this some photos around the match. enjoy!
all i got from browser. :D yelah, orang tak pegi kan!!! :'(


Rabu, 20 Julai 2011

CHELSEA has arrived!!

wooott wooott!!! cik eldy demam arini.. :(( sangat2 la tak best..
so, dah demam mmg ape pon tak larat nak buat. dah 2 hari asek baring and tido,
and today even tak larat, bgn jugak la nak wat something..

i love CHELSEA with all of my heart! dari dulu lagi sampai la skang, if people ask me, i dont have the answer. and no matter how many time their have loose the game, how suck their position in EPL, or they happen to be lost with small team, i dont give a damn. i love them and still with them no matter what.  
yesterday, in about 1pm, THE BLUES got touched down to kuala lumpur. wooww!!
sedeyh gilerr. hari ni training session Chelsea kat bukit jalil. kawan cik eldy da dapat kan training session pass, but they couldnt make it to KL in time. adoiiii! knape la ini sume harus terjadi!!
and gagah jugak cik eldy sebok2 tengok activity team cik eldy ni kat internet. all i got is some pictures during arrival and training session.. and i want to share it with you guys!

the team has arrived!!!!!
team's captain singing autograph for his fan im malaysia. :p
walking to hotel lobby
jogging, training session, national stadium bukit jalil.

Lampard entering stadium, waving to fans at bukit jalil. i wish i was there :(

new team manager, andre villa-boas giving intruction during training session.
woot woott. anelka and cech chasing ball :p
dammnnn~ Drogba with Anelka :D

yeah. torres and malouda :p

terry along with team having warms up!
two of my heroes are there! <3
EHH. ade jugak :D

Khamis, 14 Julai 2011

Welcome to Malaysia ARSENAL!!

hey2. im not a big fan of arsenal. but since they came to malaysia. i need to make my review. :)) my most looking forward is CHELSEA coming to malaysia. im about to get the ticket. we'll see if im lucky. :p
the game is actually held already few hours ago. and the result is ARSENAL 4 0 MALAYSIA. win or loose, does not a big deal for me here. cuz they oredy here!!! hahaha. for a football fans i know this is a big moment to them. dont care la menang or kalah, but the gunners here, i believe all they fans in malaysia feels like having their wedding day today. hahahhaha. nervous, unbelievable, and so damn happy.ahh. cant wait for my BLUE HEROES here! lalalala~ so here some of pictures that i could get for ya. i wanted to upload a match picture, but no time to wait. i try to get andrey arshavin picture. tapi tak jumpe. haih.

11th July 2011 - arsenal's touch down in KL
12th July 2011 - training session
13th July 2011- Arsenal vs Malaysia at National Stadium Bukit Jalil

quick highlight
6'  Aaron. Ramsey (pen.)
37' Theo. Walcott
59'  Carlos. Vela
90'  Tomas. Rosicky

 training session

Isnin, 11 Julai 2011

13 coolest CAKES ever!!

haha. this one are nice to see hard to eat.! sayang oiii!! SO SO DAMN COOL!!


most favorite, BLACKBERRY


my favorite, COKE!!!

dungen DRAGON

herbie :))

i phone!

mac mini

nikon !!

pacman :D

super duper size big mac!!

 wii cake!!