Khamis, 8 Disember 2011

17 cool and weird handbag!

Do have the best handbag in your closet?! i have odd one, but i never use it. looks nice, but not to use. haha. 
this is some collection of weird and awesome handbag. check it out ! 

A handbag that guy would love to have it

armadillo hand bag! haha

a yummy cheese handbag!

err... u know what is it aite.

for a proud vegetarian, a broccoli! :D

a minced meat bag. -.-"

for a smart people :P

a ring2 handbag.

some odd vege bag

street fighter handbag

for a old skool music lover!

golden gun mafia women, owned! :D

not so cute froggie bag. haha

a cordless guitar

keyboard handbag

fluffy one!

u can carry it while u water ur plant :)

p/s : from all this, i would like to have a doremon pocket as my handbag. dang! where can i have it can anyone tell me please!!! lalalala~